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What is ADORSET Auto AI?

Updated: May 16, 2022

A typical use case for AutoAO is to train a model that can predict how customers might respond to a sales incentive reading.

The model pipelines creation is an iterative process. The AutoAI will analyze the datasets and discover and optimize the data transformations, algorithms, and parameters to align withe the problem.

Automated Artificial Intelligence, or AutoAI, is a variation of the automated machine learning, or AutoML.”

Using WishKarma, the ADORSET Design WorkBench for AutoAI, you can build and deploy a machine learning model with training features with ZERO Code.

Automatically build & evaluate model pipelines

Develop AI Insights, Analytics Apps, load & prepare Datasets without writing a line of Code.

The model is first trained with actual data on how customers responded to the promotion. Presented with new data, the model can provide a prediction of how a new customer might respond, with a confidence score for the prediction.

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