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Top Open Data APIs

Updated: May 11, 2022

Product designers and Researchers use Open Data for Data Sets to work their hypothesis. ADORSET provides seamless methods to access and ingest these datasets using Open Data APIs.

Design with Ease

“WishKarma WorkBench, a key component of ADORSET Zero Code AI Platform, provides seamless access and ingestion of Open Data Sets with an ~Zero Learning Curve. WishKarma integrates Open Data API natively to deliver these capabilities.”

The data sets from Open Data is freely provided by organizations to increase transparency, to enrich insights for researchers, and to enable developers to build useful civic, commercial and educational applications.

Most Sought After Open Data APIs provides information about federal recreation areas, facilities, events, activities, and more, in the Recreational Information Database (RIDB).

Brewery DB is a fully moderated, open Library of breweries and beers from all around the world updated by users and includes brewery location, website, contact information, description, logos, and more. delivers all plant information gathered from USDA, Tela Botanica, Tropicos, and International Plant Names Index (IPNI).

Plant Image Analysis organization provides plant image analysis and datasets through APITrack.

Companies House, an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in the UK, provides company and executive officer information.

Truthy OSoMe, an Indiana University research project, focuses on how politics, social news, and movements spread throughout Twitter. They offer a set of analytics, infographics, and open data focusing on popular hashtags representative of memes within in the political arena

Access & Ingest above using WishKarma ZERO Code.

Did you know that Data Sets in the Financial, Government, Games, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Healthcare, Science, Transportation, and Politics domains, among others are available as part of the Open Data.

The following Geo Mapping App uses the Open Data along with its base agricultural and other complementing datasets.

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